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To prepare a perspective plan, outlining the national strategy and road map for holistic and sustainable development of rainfed farming areas.
To evolve common guidelines for all schemes of different Ministries including Externally aided project (EAPs) for development of Rainfed/ Dry land Farming Systems.
To coordinate and bring convergence within and among agricultural and wasteland development programmes being implemented in rainfed areas of the country.
To identify rainfed areas in different States which need priority attention and prepare watershed development programmes for integrated natural resource management in consultation with States, focusing on multi dimensional crop, livestock,horticulture, agri-pasture integrated systems and programmes for landless farming communities.
To identify gaps in input supply, credit availability, dissemination of appropriate technology and other requirements relevant for development of rainfed areas
To guide the implementing agencies on priority setting and monitor the specific interventions required
To develop plans/ programmes for capacity building of Centre/ State Government functionaries in rainfed areas
To suggest modalities to strengthen National and State Level Institutions concerned with Rainfed/Dryland areas, and establish institutional linkages with prioritized watersheds
To monitor disbursement of rural credit/insurance cover/ safety net programmes developed for rainfed areas
To set the research agenda including a critical appraisal of on-going programmes and promote diffusion of required knowledge for integrated farming in rainfed areas to district and lower level authorities
To evaluate the effectiveness of completed watersheds and concurrent evaluation of on-going programmes.