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All Telephone Directory Contacts Entered : 21
1 Dr. Ashok Dalwai Chief Executive Officer(CEO) 25842836
2 Shri Faiz Ahmad Kidwai Additional Secretary (Dept. of A & FW) GOI and CEO of NRAA 23070916
3 Sh. B. Rath Technical Expert(WM) 25842894
4 Dr. Satbir Singh Director(Admin/Finance) 25842961
5 Col. Ravinder Yadav Director(AH and F)
6 Dr. Prashant Armorikar Director (Watershed Development)
7 Sh. Ashok Kumar Singh Under Secretary
8 Sh. S.D.Singh Senior Technical Consultant (STC) (Forestry) .
9 Dr.Ram Babu Sharma Senior Technical Consultant(STC)(Animal Husbandry & Fisheries)
10 Dr. B L Saraswat Senior Technical Consultant(STC)(Agriculture/Horticulture)
11 Dr.Sivasenareddy Theme Expert(Hydrology)
12 Dr. Eazhilkrishna N Theme Expert(NRM/Watershed Management)
13 Dr. P.Sridhar Theme Expert (Remote Sensing and GIS)
14 Dr.Shailja Thakur Technical Consultant (Horticulture)
15 Dr. Alka Samuel Consultant (Social Science)
16 Sh.Krishan Pal Section Officer(SO)
17 Shri Rajesh Kharb Senior Technical Assistant (AH & F)
18 MS. Priyanka Arora Young Professional(IT/ICT)
19 Dr.Mery Chanu Young Professional(AH & F)
20 Dr. S.Gireesh Research Associate (Agriculture)