Vision / Mission / Goal

Vision / Mission / Goal

To make rainfed agriculture an economically viable enterprise for improving livelihood and welfare of farming community, by adopting appropriate strategies compatible with agro-ecology, agro-biodiversity and sustainability.


To promote prosperity of farmers and ensure inclusive growth in rainfed areas of the country on a sustainable basis.


1) To serve the nation’s agriculture sector by developing competence as an expert body, and provide the much needed inputs in terms of information, knowledge, technology and management practices to all the stakeholders concerned with up-gradation and management of the country’s rainfed agriculture systems including the dryland agriculture.

2) To act as an overarching organization for frontline piloting of innovations and emerging technologies in rainfed agriculture.

3) To serve as a platform for convergence & coordination of various programmes / schemes / projects /other initiatives relating to rainfed agriculture systems, with a view to realizing synergy at both planning and implementation stages.

4) To promote efficiency & effectiveness in delivery of schemes / programmes / projects / other initiatives, that target the rainfed agriculture, region and farmers by ensuring proper and timely advise, guidance and supervision, besides undertaking evaluation studies.

5) To serve as the source of information and data base on all aspects of rainfed agriculture, including rainfed farmers.

6) To develop comprehensive drought proofing plans, and undertake time bound implementation through the state governments, beginning with 150 most vulnerable rainfed districts, identified through NICRA study.